Avoiding yellow nails: preventive solutions

I believe that when everyone sees their nails turning yellow, their first reaction is to treat them! Of course, this is the most normal reaction. However, rather than timely treatment, early prevention is the best decision. Today, Maryton nail supply will tell you several solutions to prevent yellowing of nails.

Personal hygiene

Impeccable hygiene helps prevent fungus and other impurities on the nails which can cause yellowing. Washing your hands and feet regularly and thoroughly is an essential everyday action. You must be just as rigorous in drying your nails so as not to leave any trace of humidity, an environment conducive to the proliferation of bacteria.


Eating healthily also contributes to the beauty of nails. They are then more resistant, healthier and shinier. This involves avoiding deficiencies, particularly iron and zinc. Quitting smoking is a good health resolution from every point of view. Nail health is no exception.

Let your nails breathe

The nail needs to breathe. Manicures that are too frequent and too aggressive, applying varnish without a protective base or without alternating with nails kept bare, false nails should be avoided. Using your manicure and pedicure sets and cleaning and disinfecting them regularly limits the risk of developing fungus on the nail.

Another preventive solution against yellow toenails is to avoid keeping your feet in shoes that are too tight for too long. Neither too wide to avoid friction.

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