Essential products needed to install American capsules

Known for their natural look and strength, American caps are a preferred choice for gel or acrylic nail extensions. Today, Maryton Nail Supply will tell you the essential products needed to install American capsules in this article. Just keep reading!

Here are the essential products:

1. American Capsules: American capsules are the basis of this manicure technique. They come in different shapes and sizes to adapt to the morphology of each nail. The choice of capsules must be made according to the desired shape and quality, thus guaranteeing a result that is both aesthetic and comfortable.

2. Nail file: A nail file is an essential tool for shaping American capsules. It allows you to adjust the shape of the capsule so that it harmonizes perfectly with the natural nail. To get the desired effect, you can invest in a professional manicure set.

3. Gel or Resin: Gel or acrylic resin plays a fundamental role in creating a smooth and even surface on the nail. These materials are applied to the capsule to reinforce its solidity and provide an aesthetic finish.

4. Universal base: For the base, choose a universal base. The Universal Base is ideal for its flexibility and strong adhesion.

5. Primer: The primer is applied to the natural nail before applying the capsule. Its role is to prepare the nail by creating an adherent surface, thus optimizing the hold of the capsule.

6. UV lamp: After applying the gel or resin, the UV lamp catalyzes the product, curing it quickly and effectively. This not only speeds up processing time but also ensures a strong, durable finish.

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