PaMu Unique: Stylish Bluetooth Headphones

What are these PaMu Unique? – you ask me. In fact, these are the Slide Mini already reviewed by us in another more stylish package. The manufacturer decided to make us pleasant and it turned out very well. We will not get into the nuances much today, but of course we will dwell on all the main points.

PaMu Unique: Stylish Bluetooth Headphones


  • Bluetooth: v5
  • Chip: Qualcomm QCC3020 with AAC and AptX
  • Driver: 6 mm.
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Protection: IPX6
  • Operating time: 10 hours
  • Earphone capacity: 85 mAh
  • Case capacity: 400 mAh
  • Earphone Weight: 7.1g
  • Case weight: 62 g

Unpacking and packaging

The packaging of the headphones has not changed. The same glossy shell with the bluetooth logo and the mention of AptX and the Qualcomm QCC3020 chip.

The set differs only in the geometry of the bag, which simply needed to be changed, since the dimensions of the case are different.

Everything else, in the form of waste paper, Type C cable and ear pads – is in place and is no different.

Well, of course, a box with pads replacing the top cover of the case is supplied separately. There are three of them for every taste. Someone comes in with a more rigorous black version or a pale “autumn” one, but I settled on the brightest “summer” one.

The material is difficult to understand. Apparently this is leather, possibly artificial.

To the touch and everything looks just gorgeous.

Design / Ergonomics

The case, although noticeably grown, but inside the same 400 mAh battery, giving 3 full recharges and a total of 30 hours of music. While the ears really play on one charge for up to 10 hours and charge 1.5.

Headphones are logically magnetized and do not fall out even with good shaking.

At the same time, there is no top cover at all, instead of it are replaceable leather pads on magnets.

Installing them is easy. All magnets are placed in such a way that the cover cannot be placed correctly.

Each set has 3 pads, and in total there are two different sets. So there is plenty to choose from.

Well, since the design of the case has changed, the LEDs have also moved. Now they are located on the right side. I admit, at first it seemed to me that the case also plays the role of a bluetooth speaker and I was ready to dance with happiness, so I liked the idea. But, in fact, this is only a stylization and there are only indicator diodes hidden there.

On the reverse side, we have a Type C connector for connecting a cable or wireless unit. Yes, wireless charging is available separately and I don’t have it. Although if you buy headphones now, then it is already offered as a gift.

The ears themselves are exactly the same as in the previous model.

The cup body is plastic, the back is covered with a rubber nozzle, the top has a compensation hole, and the bottom has a microphone on the leg.

The sound guide has a specific design with a thinning at the end, so not all nozzles are suitable. The forums recommend buying SpinFit and pruning the core.

Personally, the headphones are not suitable for me, but they sat perfectly, for example, to my wife. That is, the model is not quite universal, I recommend trying them on before buying.

Headphones work quietly through 2 walls, there are no stuttering, everything works clearly and correctly. The model has IPX6 protection: from water flows or strong jets from any direction. The buttons are touch sensitive, so random clicks are simply inevitable. The delays in watching videos on the Galaxy S8 are minimal, AptX and AAC codecs are supported.

Management is standard: one tap – pause, two – fast forward or call the assistant, clamping – changes the volume. We have a microphone on each ear, its quality is extremely decent.


The amount of low frequencies directly depends on the fit of the headphones. If you do not have bass, then this only speaks of the need to replace the ear pads.

The graph shows a serious emphasis in the field of low frequencies. The bass here is massive and deep, which has a good effect on the transmission of vocals and a variety of acoustic instruments. At the same time, the higher frequencies are noticeably pushed into the background. The ears sound very juicy and pleasant, but without an emphasis on detail and separation of instruments. The model is rather musical with good coverage in style.

If the landing is a little worse, the amount of bass will decrease. This will add a little detail and bring out the treble, but in total little will change. The same cool fleshy rich sound will remain.


As a result, PaMu Unique earphones is a stylistic refinement of the PaMu Slide Mini in terms of the case. With the same flaw in the form of a lack of versatility and exactly the same advantages. The presence of water protection IPX6, AptX and AAC codecs and 10 hours of work – this is a worthy application for success. Moreover, everything was done with high quality, in the presence of an extremely good microphone and a very decent sound.


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