Ridged nail: symptoms and causes

For fans of perfect manicures, ridged nails can be a nightmare. This unsightly appearance of the nail affects many people who are unable to identify the causes of the problem. To better understand ridge nails, Maryton will explain in detail the symptoms of ridge nails and the causes of their occurrence in this article.

What is a ridged nail?

The streaked nail is a phenomenon that some sort of vertical or horizontal scratches along the nail. These grooves represent an unsightly appearance when the nails are completely bare. We also note a weakening of the nail plate in people with this type of problem.

There is, in principle, no risk linked to ridged nails. The discomfort will only be visual for the person who presents this phenomenon. Note, however, that some manicures such as semi-permanent varnish may have difficulty lasting in the long term.

Causes of ridged nails

Deficiencies and their effects on nails

Like many unsightly features of the nail, streaked nails can be caused by deficiencies. Iron and zinc deficiencies are mainly singled out. It should be noted that only a doctor can reveal a deficiency by ordering a blood test. He will then be able to prescribe a suitable treatment, or tell you what diet to follow to improve your condition.

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Stress and fatigue damage nails

Periods of stress and fatigue can cause changes in the appearance of the nails. At a time of fatigue or if stressful situations arise recurrently, the strength and beauty of hair and nails may be affected.

Bitten and ridged nails

People who bite their nails undeniably weaken them. What’s more, a person who bites their nails will have to wait several months before regaining normal quality, allowing them to let their nails grow. Thus, opt for manicure supplies instead of biting your nails.

Age and aging of nails

Age can also explain the presence of streaks on the nails. There’s no question of saying goodbye to your perfect manicure because you’re past 50. A few daily treatments will quickly allow you to regain your pretty nails from before.

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