What are the different Nail Art techniques?

So far, there are 5 nail styling techniques. Do you know the differences in these nail art techniques? Keep reading!

  • One stroke: we put engravings on the nail with acrylic paint. It is often chosen for floral motifs, color gradients, contrasts or even designs;
  • Watercolour: we draw with watercolor paint to pigment a little, to refine details or to flatten certain decorations;
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  • Stamping: we work on false nails or on natural nails to add decorations. We use a stamp, hence the “stamping” in question;
  • The foil: an ultra-thin metallic paper is used to provide a metallic effect, colors or shiny patterns on all or part of the nails;
  • 3D: patterns are sculpted or 3D elements are added to the nails: flowers, fruits, roses, lace, rhinestones, buckles, etc.

Finally, it is essential to invest in suitable manicure kit. For this, our site is full of ideas and products perfectly suited to this use.

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