How to properly prepare your manicure at home?

All beautiful women have perfect hands and neat nails. Every woman can do her manicure at home. But you have to be prepared before you take action. In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton gives you ideas.

1. Buy a special cuticle lotion

To get a perfect nail contour, you will have to remove the cuticle. So bet on a specific lotion or cream. It is worth buying a lotion that can moisturize and fight infections.

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2. A product suitable for exfoliating the hands

Before starting a possible manicure at home, make sure you have a scrub product for your hands. Avoid exfoliation that is too aggressive for your skin. Opt for oil-rich treatments or moisturizers.

3. A soft nail file

There are several types of files on the market. There are cardboard, glass and metal files. Bet on a glass file in case you have fragile nails. Metal files have the particularity of being hard and abrasive. Go for cardboard files.

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4. Tools to repair small breaks

In addition to a file and a polisher, provide false nail glue. Also consider a dressing kit. This must contain a wooden stick, a protective varnish and a strip of silk.

5. Find the best polish remover for your nails

You can buy an acetone-based nail polish remover. Some solvents in addition to acetone contain a soft oil. Others are especially intended for fragile nails.

6. A top polish to dress up your nails

Everyone has their own tastes and preferences when it comes to nail polish. It is better to opt for a very trendy varnish at a competitive price. On the other hand, you have the possibility to imitate the stars in order to be trendy.

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7. Things to know before getting a homemade manicure

Prepare well for a home manicure, also learn the gestures to do and those to avoid. For example, take off your cuticles gently to avoid weakening the matrix. File your nails using gentle strokes.

8. Now, buy your accessories for your home manicure

If you don’t have the accessories and products, it’s time to buy your products and tools. Fortunately, our Maryton offers you a variety of manicure supplies and accessories at preferential rates.

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