PaMu TWS In-ear Headphones Review

Finally, there is a cheaper alternative to AirPods Apple’s Bluetooth headphones. We are talking about PaMu Scroll, the compact, powerful, elegant, waterproof wireless earphones with the launch price of just $ 79.

Thanks to Indiegogo, the project was well received by the community, which has funded it with just under two million dollars, almost 10,000% more than the goal set on the crowdfunding site. We were recently contacted by the company that sent us the Scrolls to let us test them in advance – of course we couldn’t refuse, so here’s our experience with these much discussed Bluetooth headphones.

PaMu TWS In-ear Headphones Review

Design and functionality

They will not be as minimal as the AirPods, but they are still elegant and very compact (they weigh only 5 grams). Unlike Apple headphones, the PaMu Scrolls are in-ear, a feature that guarantees very good passive isolation from external noise. About this choice, it is worth mentioning that you will receive three sizes of rubber pads. The choice to use an in-ear design, according to our experience, avoids accidental falls during sport or in any activity in case of sudden movements.

The controls are exclusively touch, a touch starts or pauses the music or answers phone calls, while two touches jump to the next track, activate the voice assistant or refuse an incoming call.

There is only one negative, if you want to use only one earpiece, for example to make calls, you will have to wear the right one, that is the main one that includes the Bluetooth antenna.

The connection is incredibly stable both with our Surface Pro 3 and with the Huawei P20 and it is via Bluetooth 5.0. The synchronization between the two earphones occurs in a matter of seconds and is confirmed by an acoustic signal. Both the connection status and the charge status are indicated by tiny LEDs that change color from red to blue.

PaMu TWS In-ear Headphones Review

Sound quality

We tested the audio quality of the PaMu Scrolls in particular with Spotify (streaming at maximum resolution) and with YouTube. We can confirm that, regardless of the musical genre and the volume, the sound is well equalized and always impeccable, with deep and medium bass and well balanced highs, thanks to 6 mm drivers. The lag is really insignificant, audio and video are always synchronized, finally we can watch videos from our Android smartphone without using wired headphones!

But how do they behave in a phone call? The incoming audio is obviously impeccable, while to guarantee our interlocutor the highest quality it is better to wear both PaMu Scrolls, in order to use both microphones with the Audio Call.

Battery life

We confirm what was stated by padmate, the duration of the music playing battery is around three and a half hours. We say that it is sufficient, but not to the point of forgetting to put them in charge in the elegant case supplied. The charging case allows three complete recharges. The latter has a cylindrical shape (not really very small) and is covered in real leather treated externally with a texture available in four shades. On one of the bases is the Micro-USB charging port (we wanted the Type-C!), While on the other side there are four blue LEDs that indicate the status of the charge, both when it is connected to the current and when the headphones are stored inside.

In this regard, it should be noted that, when placed in the magnetic slot, the PaMu Scrolls switch off automatically, just as they are reactivated as soon as they are extracted.

Write down any questions about the product in the comments and let us know if you plan to buy them from the official launch on Moldac.


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