PaMu Scroll Plus Still More Powerful From $129

Padmate returns to the limelight for the third consecutive year with a new model of earbuds, after success from the previous Pamu Scrolls. The new generation is called Pamu Scroll Plus and, as you may have already understood, will represent an upgrade of the original version. During our visit to the Global Sources 2019 in Hong Kong, we were lucky enough to meet the representatives of the Asian company who explained to us the innovations made to the latest headsets. You can take a look at our video, an absolute preview, recorded these days.

The packaging is almost the same as the Pamu Scrolls and it is possible to distinguish a small aesthetic change only for the texture of the magnetic closure. Furthermore, based on user feedback, the company has decided to keep only the Graphene and Sakura colors.

The two great innovations for the Pamu Scroll Plus are the integrated Qualcomm aptX chipset, which guarantees very high sound quality and reduced energy consumption, and the pamu receiver for wireless charging that has been upgraded and is now compatible with any Qi standard from 5V. Together with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, the Qualcomm solution will also allow the playback of YouTube videos without the annoying delays between audio and video.

To fully understand the improvements made to saving energy, we must point out that the earphone battery has a capacity of 55 mAh and ensures a 6-hour playtime (against the 3.5 hours of the Pamu Scrolls) while that of the case touches the 500 mAh and guarantees almost three recharge cycles for a total battery of up to 20 hours. The new model will still have IPX6 water resistance certification and the touch controls, in addition to the standard functions, will allow you to adjust the volume and control the Siri voice assistant.

The Pamu Scroll Plus will arrive on the market at the end of May at a price of $129. We do not yet know where, but if they were sold through Indiegogo, the initial price could be considerably lower. We will update you as soon as we know more.


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