Halloween Makeup Tutorials To Try This Weekend

Halloween always seems to sneak up on us. Therefore, we’re always in need of a last-minute costume. If you’re like us and waited until the end to come up with a costume, have no fear! Today, we’re sharing eight looks that you most likely have the tools to create in your own makeup drawer!

1. ’80s Rock Star: All you need is some bright eye shadow and lipstick to easily transform you into an ’80s lady.

2. Mary Poppins: Who can resist this charming Disney look? All you need is a few favorites from your closet and a red lip!

3. Cartoon: Be a burst of bold color with this intricate and stand-out pop art look.

4. Spider: For a last-minute costume, slip on a LBD and draw this spooky look.

5. Galaxy Eyeshadow: Be a star (literally!) by creating these gorgeous galaxy eyes.

6. Melting Ice Cream: For the experienced makeup pro, try this oh-so sweet ice cream cone for an extra-sweet Halloween.

7. Teddy Bear: How adorable is this cozy look? Just add some animal features and cuddle up in a furry outfit to stay warm on Halloween night.

8. Snapchat Gold Butterfly Filter: Bring to life those flattering Snapchat filters with this tutorial for a glowy, gold look.

source: theglitterguide.com

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