How to make a perfect nailfie for Instagram?

We got used to hearing the word selfie, but now what will a Nailfie ever be? Simply the manicure photos! But it is not easy to make a perfect nailfie.
Manicure is becoming more and more important and nowadays it is more and more difficult to find a woman without gel, acrylic or semi-permanent cover. The TV stars even rely on real experts to take care of the look of their nails.
For the realization of a perfect Nailfie we have to follow some rules.

  1. Perfect manicure
    Use the professional manicure products, make sure you have a perfect photo nails must be smooth, well filed, nail polish spread to perfection without bubbles, chips or spills on the sides and if a nail art is made it must be treated in detail.
  2. Background
    The background doesn’t have to be chosen at random. It is advisable not to choose a color that is too lively or full of decorations but to opt for neutral colors such as white, beige, gray or black or colors in tone with the enamel applied.
    Green light for furs, sweaters, blankets, lace or fabrics to be tightened with your hands for an even more glamorous effect.
  3. Accessories
    The accessories complete the photo as long as they are indicated. Green light to flowers, jewels, mugs … even the bottles of the glazes chosen to advertise them and to make the photo special are fine. Avoid taking pictures with the first objects that come your way such as remote controls or water bottles. Instead, you can combine your manicure with the outfit for a top effect!
  4. Location
    Although it may seem of little importance, the position of the hands is essential for a good result of the photo. The position must be as natural as possible, just close the fingers on the palm and adjust the position. Getting a natural and at the same time lean and harmonious position is not that simple but you will see that with practice everything will come easy.
  5. Light and focus
    Although a trivial thing to say, the focus must be on the nails and not on the hands or the background. Even professionals can’t get the perfect photo on the first try so our advice is to take more consecutive shots.
    Avoid taking pictures with artificial light but choose a spot well lit by the sun: the photo will be perfect in every detail.
    Finally, dose the filters well. It is okay to use them to improve the color of the nail polish but used too much they highlight the defects of the hands.
    Put your hands in pose and green light to the nailfie!
    Hoping to have been helpful, I hug you and look forward to seeing in the next article!
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