Glitter Ombre Nail Art

The nails are important for our hands, which can affect a person’s temperament directly. Nowadays, more and more nail brands such as Maryton have emerged and brought nail product into vogue. In this article, Let’s have a talk about the nail art.

There are those who love glitter, and those who lie. However, we will all agree with the fact that the “all glitter” is a bit heavy as well as tacky. This is the same thought behind one of the latest nail trends that are taking social media by storm: glitter ombre nails.

Unlike glitter nails, ombre glitter nails have a glittery fade, from the tip to the bottom or from the cuticle to the top. Thanks to their charm, we like to think of them as the adult version of our most sparkling looks of our adolescence.

From neutral shades of champagne to bold silver to more colorful shades, you will discover our nail art ideas for glitter ombre nail art.

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