5 tips to take care of your hands in winter

Manicure and pedicure.

When the winter comes in, the skin suffers, especially the hands. They are attacked and require specific care. In winter, hands become dry and can easily be irritated. Discover our 5 best tips to take care of it. Follow us!

Protect your hands

First of all, it is always preferable to act in prevention. When doing housework or gardening, always protect your hands by wearing gloves. The water being calcareous, it attacks the hands and causes skin dryness. In addition, try to choose a very mild, skin-friendly soap.

Daily hydration

In winter, it is very important to give your hands enough water. Swap the moisturizing fluid cream for a balm or a more nourishing cold cream, in order to restore softness to the hands during the winter period. Apply it several times a day by performing a massage.

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Weekly treatments

You must carry out specific care every week for your hands. After the bath or shower, when the skin of the hands is softened, take a quantity of exfoliant then make circular movements on all the hands. Then, apply a thick layer mask and leave for 15 minutes in cotton gloves. Your hands regain comfort and flexibility.

Hand modeling

With the thumb of your right hand, massage the palm of your left hand. Then massage each finger by rotating on the phalanges. Don’t forget the cuticles, which are often very dry in winter. You can also use vegetable oil or pure shea butter. You can also leave a cream or oil on overnight, wearing gloves.

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Take care of your nails

Taking care of your hands in winter also means taking care of your nails. To do this, first file the free edge. Use a wooden stick to push back the cuticles, which have soaked in the warm water. Then dress your hands with this season’s trendy nail polish.

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