Nail art ideas to celebrate Easter

It’s time to test nail designs for Easter. Focus on 3 trends for successful spring nails.

Using and abusing pastel varnishes

Adorning your nails for the Easter holidays is a pleasant activity! The trendiest colors to celebrate spring and the Easter weekend are pastels. Pink, blue, yellow and green, all of these shades can be combined on the same nail, provided they are separated by beautiful design and geometric lines. The Scottish pattern, tartan style, is also trendy, provided that the colors chosen are also pastel. This is also the time to adopt candy pink with unicorn-style turquoise blue.

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Easy nail art for Easter

For your Easter nail art to hold properly, it is best to do it with gel polish or even better, on artificial nails. To embellish your nails at Easter, the weight pattern is one of the great classics. On a white background, just color the free edge of each nail a different shade, then make dots of the same color. Alternatively, crackle varnish, like an eggshell, might just as well do the trick.

Stickers for your Easter nails

Stickers are also making a comeback on nails for the Easter holidays. The stickers with colored Easter eggs or small animals reminiscent of the Easter holiday, such as the chick or the hen, will undoubtedly cause a sensation. Be careful though, even the stickers must be perfectly stuck on the surface of the nail, so that the result is pretty.

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