French manicure: for a sober and elegant look

Now some women opt for the semi-permanent French manicure, a timeless trend. For those who don’t have time for regular manicures, the most practical solution is to choose semi-permanent products. Today, your nail supply expert Maryton will explain to you. Let’s go around.

For a beautiful effect but also for a proper application of its permanent varnish, it is necessary to first go through the usual treatments such as filing the nails, polishing or pushing back the cuticles. You must also provide yourself with an equally semi-permanent base and especially a top coat which is also important for the durability of the varnish.

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This varnish is also very practical because you have a wide choice of colors and especially styles. That said, it is possible to have semi-permanent varnish applied while choosing a French or another original look. You can then find all the colors you need in your kit.

This kind of care can be done, both in a beauty salon and at home, provided you have all the necessary equipment. It is therefore advisable to favor brands that sell quality care. In addition, you also need a professional manicure set to prepare your nails before the manicure begins.

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