How to properly remove false nails?

False nails are the miracle solution when you can’t hold long natural nails for very long. But when the time comes to remove them, we don’t always know how to go about it. Today, we explain how to remove false nails.

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Use a nail file to remove her fake nails!

The first technique for removing your false nails is to cut the false nails as short as possible and remove the nail polish. Once done, start rubbing the false nail gently with the coarse-grained nail file. When you can feel or see your natural nails, switch to a mall-grain file and repeat gently. For the end of the operation, you can use a nail buffer block to restore luster to your nails.

Use dental floss to remove his false nails!

The second technique to remove your false nails is to use dental floss! First start by lifting your false nails by their base, with a cuticle stick. Once done, the dental floss will be gently moved back and forth between your natural and artificial nails to achieve the goal of removing the artificial nails.

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