How to apply false nail tips?

Do you want to do false nails at home? Here is the tutorial you need:

Nail preparation:

  • Remove all traces of varnish with solvent.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Push your cuticles with a wooden stick.
  • Polish your nails with a buffing block.
  • Brush your nails to remove dust
  • Wipe them with a cleaner to remove oils.
Mini Block Nail Buffer File 80/100 Grit for Professional Nail Salon

Placement of capsules:

  • Apply a thin line of nail glue to the surface that will be in contact with the nail.
  • Put the part of the capsule with the glue on the tip of your nail.
  • Hold it down on your nail for 5 seconds.
  • Cut them then file them according to your desires, in the same order as the installation.
  • Polish the part where the natural nail connects to the capsule.
  • File the sides of the capsules so that they align correctly with your natural nail.
80/100 Grit Double Sides Disposable Wooden Nail File

Gel application:

1. Apply the Base to the nail in very thin layers so that the UV lamp can harden each layer.

2. Let dry under lamp for: 120 sec (UV) / 30 sec (LED).

3. Then apply the gel in the same way as the corrective base.

4. Let dry under lamp for: 120 sec (UV) / 30 sec (LED).

5. Repeat steps 4 and 5 twice to apply the second and third coat of gel.

6. Remove the sticky material using a cotton ball and the finishing product.

7. File the side of the nails to get a clean result.

8. Hydrate your cuticles with a special cuticle oil.

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