Nail creation: the different nail modeling

Maryton invites you in this article to take stock of the different nail creation and modeling techniques. What is the difference between a pose and a massage? Resin or gel nail modeling is a technique that involves modeling the natural nail by applying UV gel or resin directly to the natural nail. Applying nails involves lengthening the nails using capsules or stencils.

The different nail modeling techniques

There are two main nail modeling techniques: resin modeling and gel modeling. These massages can be performed on different supports. These two techniques are indeed used on natural nails, stencils (papers and supports for nail extension), or even on capsules (false nails). These techniques allow women to camouflage bitten or damaged nails and thus display beautifully manicured nails in all circumstances!

False nails and capsules

The installation of capsules is a very popular technique which offers a great freedom of creation. This involves applying UV gel or acrylic resin to a capsule previously glued to the nail. These capsules are plastic “false nails”, preformed and molded in different sizes and colors. The application technique consists of sticking a capsule on each nail and then covering it with a resin or several layers of UV gel. The installation is done by a nail prosthetist and lasts about 1 hour 30 minutes. Maintenance will be necessary every 3 weeks to proceed with the filling (to camouflage the natural regrowth of the nail).

Resin or gel nail modeling on natural nails

Today, more and more working women want to keep their nails short. They dream of nails that are strong, natural and practical every day. Thus, it is more and more common to perform nail massages in UV gel or resin directly on natural nails. In this case, the modeling is faster to perform because there is no application of capsules to perform. Allow about 45 minutes for a resin massage, an additional 15 minutes for a gel massage. A massage on natural nails also requires maintenance every 3 weeks.

Nail modeling on template or nail extension

The modeling of nails on stencils consists in extending the nail using a paper called a stencil which will act as a support for the UV gel or the acrylic resin. The template replaces the capsule and creates an extension of the nail. The template allows you to add a small length on a bitten nail for example. The modeling will then be carried out in resin or gel. There are different kinds of stencils.

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