The Water Marble

1 – What’s the Water Marble technique?

The Water Marble technique consists of making concentric circles, dropping nail polish on the surface of the water. Then, using a toothpick, trace the desired pattern, then successively immerse the nails in water, to recover the pattern. Water marble is very easy to do by yourself, if you have the right nail supply and knowledge of the method to apply.

2 – The advantages of the Water Marble

With the Water Marble, you will no longer have to wait long minutes for the varnish to dry under a LED lamp. It’s dry, instantly! If you are in a hurry and want original nail art, this technique is for you.

With the Water Marble, you can layer different varnishes and create a unique pattern for each nail. Curves, spirals, or zebra pattern, all looks are possible.

3 – How to choose the varnish?

A varnish is good for making Water Marble, when it spreads in the bowl of water. For example, cream varnishes, pearlescent or lacquered varnishes. They adapt well to the Water Marble and look absolutely trendy. In any case, avoid varnishes that dry much too quickly, so that you have time to test and make the pattern of your choice. These include glitter varnishes, which are not suitable for Water Marble.

Tip: use varnishes that are sufficiently liquid, but not so much that they dilute in water and lose their original color.

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