Split nails: How to fix them?

A flawless manicure is the ultimate illusion of perfection, but what we don’t consider enough is the importance of having healthy nails. However, there are several common issues that can affect our nails, such as fine lines, whiteheads, brittle or soft nails, and even splitting of the nail at the edge. Let’s see what causes these problems and how to avoid them.

Here is a series of potential reasons:

  • Malnutrition: Nails can tell a lot about your diet. Deficiencies of amino acids, minerals and vitamins can drastically affect the quality of your nails.
  • Daily stress: Our nails are in constant interaction with our environment and can easily suffer damage from rough handling, weather conditions, or simply from insignificant everyday actions.
  • Hormonal Imbalances: Excess or deficiency of certain hormones can also affect the health of your nails.
  • Age: The appearance and growth rate of nails vary with age. Over time, nails can become thicker, less transparent and more fragile.
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Solutions for stronger nails

First of all we need to stress the importance of manicure supplies: a soft nail file maintains the strength of your nails. Additionally, you can also apply buffing blocks to strengthen your nails. The split nail is more likely to break, so it is essential to keep the nails short and well filed.

It might be a good idea to get a blood test to check for any underlying deficiencies. Next, protect your nails by wearing gloves while washing dishes or cleaning – regularly coating them with nourishing cream can work miracles too.

And while we’re at it, yes, you can always apply polish when your nails aren’t in tip-top shape. Just follow the classic steps – base, varnish, fixer – and your nails will be dazzling!

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