5 tips for your nails

1. It is necessary to protect your nails during manual work

Naturally, the nails are covered with a protective lipid film. However, during our daily activities, the nails come into contact with different detergent products which can destabilize this surface film. Therefore, during this work, it is advisable to wear gloves to protect the nails. In addition, you can choose to invest in some nail supplies to take better care of your nails.

2. A healthy diet promotes nail growth

Nails grow from a matrix under the skin at the fingertips. In the latter, cells, called onychocytes, divide, then accumulate to form the nail plate. These cells draw from the blood circulation, abundant at the fingertips, the elements necessary for their growth.

3. Nail care must be carried out regularly

Fingernails grow at a rate of 0.1 mm per day. Thus, they need to be filed regularly. It is therefore necessary to maintain them regularly. To do this, you must hydrate them using creams, oils or serums.

They must also be protected against the sun which causes them to yellow. To limit this phenomenon, it is advisable to use anti-UV manicure products in the form of gel or varnish.

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4. Careful maintenance of cuticles limits the risk of infections

Cuticles are extensions of the stratum corneum of the skin located above the nail. They can prevent the passage of any impurities, or even micro-organisms, towards the internal regions of the nail system. Therefore, it is necessary to properly maintain the cuticles so that they continue to play this role of “seal” perfectly.

5. You should file your nails rather than cut them

When a nail is cut with a nail clipper, it is temporarily deformed, which can damage it. This can cause microbreaks in the nail plate which can result in the appearance of white spots. In addition, the end of the nail is weakened by this technique and it will split more easily.

So, choose a nail e-file to maintain your nails. Filing is much less traumatic for the nail blade than any other technique.

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