The different types and techniques of nail art

There are tons of different types of nail art: smoked, mottled, French, reverse French, moon manicure and much more. In this article we will see some of them, and giving some indications on how to best perform them. 

The different types of nail art: from gradient to saran wrap

The imagination has no limits and for this reason, it seems almost unfair to “classify” the different types of nail art in such a rigid way. Let’s say that it is more about “techniques” to be mixed together, customized, made your own by modifying in part or totally the realization. Having made the necessary clarification, let’s start with the first 5 types of basic nail decorations.

French Manicure, the most classic of nail art

Who among us hasn’t done a French manicure at least once? This nail decoration is a real must-have always in fashion for its simplicity, elegance and refinement. Even if you are not a lover of the classic chalk white you can use any color you want to make the smile line.

Gradient, sponged or degradé nail art

The gradient, sponged or degradé nail art technique is used a lot as a base for creating acrylic or enamel nail art backgrounds. It involves mixing various colors together on a make-up sponge and tapping them on the nail a couple of times to obtain a shaded effect.

Mottled Nails or Saran Wrap

The saran Wrap allows you to mix two colors together and to create a mottled effect on the nails thanks to a simple ball of transparent film.

Dotticure or nail art with dotter

Dotticure is a manicure made only with the dotter. To distinguish it is the presence of many dots that can take various shapes or create an abstract texture that is very easy to create.

Nail art with Striping Tape

Nail art with striping tape involves the use of a special adhesive tape that is applied to the nails to cover a part of them. Then a second layer of a different color is passed and the stickers are removed to create colored lines.

In this post we have seen 5 different types and techniques of nail art, hoping to have been helpful. As usual, if you are looking for a store where you can buy the nails supply, please take a look at our Maryton supply website. I wish see you in the next article!

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