Mismatched Nail Art

You don’t know which color to choose for your nails or are you simply tired of the monotony? Don’t worry, mismatched nail art is right for you. Continue reading the article and you will understand why.

Mismatched precisely means messed up, unpaired, precisely because the colors of the nails are not paired and there is no rule to follow but you decide how to combine the colors of the nails. Mismatched nails are very popular on social networks, and it is one of the favorite nail art for the spring / summer season because we all want colors and liveliness.

You can choose whether to color each nail a different color or choose 2-3, the colors can be similar or completely different and maybe you can have fun creating wonderful chromatic scales. It will be only your taste and your mood to guide you in your choice!

Getting a chromatic scale with glazes is much easier than you think, You will be able to obtain a wonderful chromatic scale in two different ways, the first is simply by purchasing the glazes of the chosen shades. All you need for an inexpensive chromatic scale is colored glaze, white glaze and a paper saucer in which you will have to mix the colors.

Surely the effect will be more beautiful if the colors are not completely contrasting, for example by associating colors with a warm undertone to others with a cold undertone you risk having an effect that is a little too dissonant and without harmony.

If you think that this type of nail art is too complicated to make at home, you are wrong because you just need to buy some manicure and pedicure sets at our Maryton nail supply website to have nails that are the envy of anyone.

You just have to try and remember that there is no rule and you find the right combinations! Wish you have a good manicure and pedicure!

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