Top 10 Street Style Tips That You Can Learn From Miranda Kerr

The great fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent once said “Fashion fades, style is eternal”. The well said quote still made it’s point, because a person can buy almost every designer piece, but never a great fashion style. If you have already built fashion style, but you still hesitate about some street style outfits this article could help you a little. By learning from the super stars, everybody can improve their style. The fashion icon Miranda Kerr is a great example for a mix of fashion, elegance, beauty, casualness, minimalism and she is world wide known as a great street style icon. Directly from the streets of New York City we are presenting you the top 10 lessons from Miranda so you could make amazing outfits which you will wear in your city.

1. All in Black

Black is such an elegant color. The iconic little black dress never fades. In the street style the total black outfit is a comparative to the black little dress. Miss Kerr uses this outfit really often. The choice of total black outfit is huge. Black pants or maybe black jeans, black flats or a black high heels, black leather jacket or a black t-shirt, black handbag and most of the time in the combination with the iconic red lipstick. Miranda knows how to wear it. Starting from now, you should try it too. We would say black is such a happy color.

2. Over Knees Boots

Over the knees boots are the newest favorite fashion thing to the celebrities. This super sexy fashion piece is in the closet of almost every celebrity person and Miranda owns them in many different colors. Black, grey or maybe beige they are a total top fashion combination. Easy to combine them with jeans and aviator sunglasses like Miranda did on the photo or for a sexier outfit with a short dress. Many times she combined this over the knees boots with shorts. If you own them already you can start to combine them this autumn or if you don’t the you should get them as soon as possible because this is a must have according the Miranda Kerr’s street style.

3. Neon Color Bag

Even if you choose totally monotone color outfit a neon bag could make a total turnaround to your outfit. From a monotone to a total different colorful street style outfit. Miranda shows us how to do it perfectly. She’s choice is yellow but also you can combine orange, pink, mango or any other neon tote bag or a hand bag. One bag, but many outfits which will always look different.

4. Total Denim

If you are in doubt how you could match your new jeans you won’t be wrong if you choose denim shirt. Miranda teaches us how to combine a total denim outfit and to look perfect in it. If you wont to be the next street style icon in your city this is a great idea to start with. This two denim fashion pieces should always be the similar denim color so the outfit will look great in the other way it might get close to a fashion disaster. Be careful while you are combining you total denim outfit so you could be the best street styled.

5. Summer Maxi Dress in Light Colors

Summer cute maxi dresses were total in the last summer, but we’re pretty sure that it will be the same way this year too. Miss Kerr chose blue mint maxi dress but they are a total pick in every single color. Floral, light blue, dark navy blue, white, rose, neon pink or many more, only by buying this fashion piece you already half way to your new daily street style outfit. You only miss to choose sunglasses bag and flats.

6. Wearing a Cape

Miranda always owns the latest trend pieces in her closet and she successfully manages to combine them and to wear those outfits proudly into the city streets. Cape is a must for this last seasons. The best match for the lovely capes are always the jeans but Miranda showed us that a lovely elegant pastel color cape might be combined with a dress or a skirt. She made a total match with her over the knees boots and a lovely colorful shirt and top. Of course all of this with a finish match of aviator sunglasses. Well done Miranda!

7. Floral Outfit

Floral thing are in almost every spring and summer. This fashion design never fades. This last seasons the floral pants were one of the favorite piece for the celebrities and also Miranda’s. This black pants are with rose, grey and blue tones with a black base. Miranda combined them with grey top. We recommend you to mach your floral pants with a top which is a similar color with the floral on your pants.

8. Flats

Speaking about the streets flats and sneakers, they are must if you are going on a longer destination. For her walk out in the New York Streets Miranda very often chooses flats, this time an animal print flats. She made a perfect match with the black top and the skinny jeans nicely combined three tones black, beige and jeans. This is a perfect combination for a street walk, shopping or a day light date. So cool and stylish way to combine elegance and street style.

9. Leather Jacket

The biker leather jacket never ever fades just the shape may change a little. This super iconic fashion piece is famous since forever. You should own this kind of jacket in many colors but black and brown are must have. Miss Kerr combined her leather biker jacket with jeans and black pumps but you won’t make a mistake if you combine the jacket with some nice elegant sneakers. Casualty and elegance in the same time are the best choice for the streets.

10. Pencil Dresses

Miranda is known for wearing her pencil one colored dresses. Only by choosing one piece you have already total look so you only miss to take care about the details. Combine this classy, stylish dress with pumps or heel sandals. You can use this stylish outfit for the business meeting during the day or maybe for a date when the occasion is celebration of some anniversary. Stylish and sexy this is such an elegant combination for the day.


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