Top 3 nail arts for spring

You should know that it is possible to adapt each nail art to your tastes, if you do not like colors that are too visible, you can make nail art with more discreet and nude colors. There are no precise rules, the goal is to have a nail art that looks like you for spring.

The French manicure revisited

Instead of having a simple white line at the end of the nail, it is advisable to opt for a rather curved line with trendy colors this season. You can make a french manicure with blue, green, vibrant pink etc. This is a perfect nail art for those who prefer to opt for discretion.

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Flowery nails

You will have to start by applying a neutral or nude base. Then, using a fine brush, draw small flowers. This nail art is very original, but can also be simple, for this, the flowers should only be on one nail. If you decide to draw on all your nails, take care that the flowers are inconspicuous.

The mismatched nails

Indeed, you can wear one color on each nail. This is a very original nail art, you can for example create a color gradient on your nails, and even wear decorations. Some nails may even have a pearl or pearl finish.

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