Turn your nails into jewelry

Today’s women are very careful about the appearance of their nails, they like what shines. The nails are no longer only colored , they now have a texture. The Maryton nail supply will elaborate in the following article.

Rhinestones for the Bride’s manicure

For a woman, one of the most important days of her life is undoubtedly her wedding. The hands and more particularly the nails play a very important role during this celebration, all eyes will be on your hands when the wedding rings are exchanged. We recommend a French Manicure embellished with a few rhinestones.

Swarovski Rhinestones

Swaroski stones are very trendy for nail decoration, they are very subtle and elegant, whether it is a special occasion or for everyday use.

Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets

Colored Rhinestones

The colored rhinestones are ideal for making three-dimensional nail art, you will have the possibility of making different types of design, by combining varnishes of different colors and rhinestones, your manicure will make you stand out on any occasion.

As instruments to the manicure, we offer you lots of manicure and pedicure sets. If you prefer disposable products you will also find them on our nail supply store online.

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