What Are the Best Invisible Hearing Aids From 2019?

With age, or simply because of certain conditions, hearing may begin to decline. But no longer being able to clearly hear the sounds around you, or forcing people to scream to hear what they have to say is not really a pleasurable condition. The ideal is to consult a doctor to be prescribed a good hearing amplification devices.

But before embarking on a comparison that would show you the best invisible hearing aids, it is important to understand what criteria to check in the device that suits you best.

The first thing to check, especially when you are still young or you do not really want to show everyone that you suffer from hearing loss, is the aesthetics of the device. This is mainly reflected by the degree of discretion of the device. In hearing aids, there are several models: the earloop device, the mini-contour prosthesis, the intra-auricular model, the intra-conch, the intra-canal or the intra-deep which is the most discreet apparatus.

Also check the directional microphone of your hearing aid. Most invisible hearing aids have an omnidirectional microphone, which almost equally picks up sounds from all directions. Some have a custom-made directional microphone, which allows you to focus on the sound from the front, so you can focus more easily on a conversation or on TV while ignoring other sounds.

Ideally, look for a hearing aid with a phone mode, which allows you to eliminate the hissing noise generated by the approach of a phone, which is very unpleasant to the ear.

1. Yorksound Mini Invisible Hearing Aids

For this Yorksound inexpensive hearing aids, it is mostly a wireless hearing device. It is made for people who suffer from hearing loss but not complete deafness that requires a doctor and not a simple device.

The invisible side is present since it looks more like an atrium without any external device that is seen outside the ear. The life is quite interesting with the ability to change very quickly without having to wait for it to load.

The little extra detail is the color that resembles that of the skin to remain very discreet. So you can have short hair and not have to explain your hearing problems to the most indiscreet people who dare to ask the question by seeing the little gear stuck to your ear.

2. ZXHao Super Mini

Three features of this invisible hearing aid make him one of the favorites in his category. Indeed, we appreciate first its comfortable side.

It does not irritate the skin on contact. It does not bother its users at all and is really invisible. We also appreciate the ease of its handling. Just install it in the ear, activate it and adjust the volume subtly with one finger. And finally, the benefits it offers in terms of sound treatment.

Already it enriches the sounds around so that the brain can treat them easily and without much trouble. In addition, it selectively amplifies the speech so that it is not scrambled by background noise.

And then, when the sounds become weaker, it is that the battery begins to discharge. Just turn it off and change it yourself as it is one of the most common on the market.

ZXHao Super Mini

3. Meylee Mini VHP-702

There is certainly a more classic model where the control unit is behind the ear.

However, the headset remains more modern by being transparent to pass for an earphone headset. Moreover, it looks a lot like Bluetooth headphones, which is perfect for those who do not like to show their small handicap.

For users, the duration of the battery is also important because we do not want to be short during the holidays or a long weekend. That’s why the life of this one that goes up to 150 hours is a little happiness for people who need this device. In addition, it’s rechargeable.

As far as handling is concerned, it is very easy. Just use one key to activate and deactivate the device and two other buttons to adjust the volume. Once used to the device, you can do it without even looking with your finger.


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