5 True Wireless Headphones to Replace AirPods

1. Jabra Elite 65t

The Elite 65t is the top rated wireless headphones among the headsets priced below $100. Same price range with AirPods 2, but Jabra’s model adds active noise cancellation with In-ear-style design. The product is water resistant when used in the rain when IPX6 standards. In addition to iOS compatibility and Siri support, it can pair with Android and pair with the Google Assistant.

The sound of earphones from Denmark is rich in detail, bass is better than rival from Apple. The hard keys allow to adjust music and increase, decrease the volume. It has 6 hours of music time on par with AirPods and supports fast charging within 15 minutes for an additional 1.5 hours of use. But if you include the shelf life of the box, the model from Jabra is at least 9 hours long. The total use time is only 15 hours.

2. Padmate Pamu Slide

In terms of design, Pamu Slide when worn on the ear looks more like AirPods. Despite the In-ear design, the headphone portion is reduced by Pamu and swept down. Instead of white tones like AirPods, the product uses black that looks masculine. Battery life is a respectable point on this True Wireless headset model with a price of $129. Particularly binaural use time up to 10 hours, 1.5 times the AirPods. And the carrying case can provide another 50 hours of use. In return, the box of pamu slide is much bigger than that of AirPods and other competitors.

Compared to the products on the list, Padmate Pamu is the least known name when it comes from a fundraising technology project on Indiegogo.

3. JBL Tune 120 TWS

This is the first compact cheap wireless earphones of the US brand, JBL. Unlike the AirPods, which are only white, Tune 120 TWS has 6 different color schemes. Besides, the price is lower than $100. Like the Elite 65t, the JBL model is designed in-ear so it has good passive noise resistance. The product uses 5.8 mm drivers with Pure Bass technology, for sound quality aimed at young music and electronic music listeners.

The battery life of the JBL Tune 120 TWS is 16 hours, including 12 hours thanks to the case’s rechargeable battery, lower than AirPods.

4. Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung’s headphones have much better sound quality than their predecessors True Wireless, when refined by AKG audio company. The appeal is Qi wireless charging capability. According to the manufacturer, with 15 minutes of charging, Galaxy Buds can be used in 1.7 hours, and if maximum charge is used for 7 hours. According to Consumerreport, the sound quality of Buds is better than AirPods thanks to the ability to express Bass well, creating depth for the bass range. The instrumental sounds are more distinct, clear and vibrant than Apple’s model. Although compact, the ability to wear on the Galaxy Buds is still quite solid, fits many users. In Vietnam, Galaxy Buds has a list price of 4.5 million but the actual price is much lower.

5. Klipsch T5

In terms of design, the T5 attracts a lot of attention when it comes to different styles from the stand box to the two headsets. The large logo with prominent yellow tones from the US audio manufacturer makes T5 like a piece of jewelry. Scratched metal carrying case shaped like a Zippo lighter. In terms of technology, Klipsch T5 is designed to be waterproof. The battery lasts a long time with 8 hours of continuous use and can last up to 24 hours more through the carrying case. It also supports Bluetooth 5.0 and a USB-C charging port, recording microphones with noise cancellation capability. Dynamic driver is optimized for rich, bass sound. Compared with rivals and AirPods, the price of Klipsch T5 is higher when the listing price is VND 4.8 million, on par with the AirPods 2 wireless charger.

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