What to Wear to a Black Tie Occasion

A flattering invitation arrives at your door, but it calls for “Black tie” attire. Will you wear a cocktail dress or a floor-length gown? Traditionally, Black tie is a dress code stated for social events that commence after six o’clock in the evening, and basically translates to “this party is fancy and women must dress in evening gowns while men should wear tuxedos.” Indeed, it’s important that you dress in an occasion-appropriate whether it will be a public dinner, dance and party, wedding, or gala.

Apart from white tie occasions, Black tie is the most formal attire you’ll face when comes to galas or weddings. Though it’s traditional to wear floor-length gowns, you’ll still need to make a judgment on the formality of the invitation as to this day, exceptions can be made. If you are invited to an evening party with a Black tie dress code and between the hours of six and eight o’clock, then you could wear “cocktail attire” but ensure the dress only falls just above the knee, and not too short. This also applies to “black tie optional” attire. And, if you do go this route, consider colors other than black that suits your complexion such as green, red, blue, purple, and gold so as not to look too casual.

You may also consider wearing a two-piece gown if they are matching and suited for the dress code attire. A lavender top with stone embellishments is great with lavender chiffon long skirt. Also, white silk top with peplum hem blends well with off-white chiffon lace skirt.

However, if the formal dinner is followed by dancing at a lavish location, then consider a ball gown though it is not mandatory for an occasion that calls for Black tie attire. Since your voluminous gown is inherently dressy. You may choose a lighter shade or even neutral to balance the silhouette.

Remember, the only time where opera or evening gloves are needed is when the occasion calls for a White tie. So, you wouldn’t look like a celebrant or overly dressed for a Black tie affair.

If you want to keep your style in a conservative manner, you may opt for a floor-length gown with more decent cuts and color. You may still reach for jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, ruby, topaz, amethyst and neutrals like black or white. Just opt for higher necklines, halter styles, closed neck, and even sleeves long dresses for women. Just bring out your jewels and stilettos to jazz it up.

For a creative Black tie, you may go crafty by adding an element like a conversational hat or accessory that make you stand out from the crowd. Also, you may flaunt your formal gown itself through delicate fabrics or materials your gown is made of.
Whether a cocktail dress or a floor-length gown, you’ll look fabulous in your Black tie affair as long as you wear your attitude and confidence. So, fabulous and be a head turner in your affair.

source: glamradar.com

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