How to Wear Emerald Green

Green – the color of life and nature – and an emerald stone as a symbolism of hope and future, emerald green is a delightful and soothing color on the eyes and wearing them makes you and the people around you in a good spirit. It’s not by chance that we love emerald green because it is linked to nature and to life. Emerald green also implies prosperity and refreshment. So if you wish to seek some, wear it first as the emerald green trend gives elegance and opulence to every style you’re trying to create.

The great thing about the jewel tones trend is the fact that it can flatter literally everyone, regardless of the hair color, eye color, skin tone, and style preference. This opulent emerald green makes a harmonious couple with the hues of the opposite color spectrum so it will look amazing in combination with various shades you already have in your closet. Just think about all the neutral hues, neon colors, pastel hues, and even metallics that will look chic with emerald green.

One way to liven up your look in incorporating jewel tones to your style is through emerald green accessories. Rock this rich shade anyway by wearing emerald green earrings, necklace rings, bracelets, and such with your neutral outfit. Whether it’s a white, gray, brown, or black outfit, emerald green jewelry can instantly balance an elegant look. By doing this, you’re not only partaking the jewel tones trend but also able to ease your style without making a huge commitment.

But you certainly shouldn’t save jewel tones for just your jewelry. Green accessories such as a scarf, hat, sunglasses, clutch, bags, shoes, and even umbrellas are a great alternative if don’t want to go on eye-popping colors. Green sunglasses whether green on its frame or green on its tint is a cute way to participate in the trend. Like Nicole Warne, she just carried an emerald green umbrella and nailed the trend in an effortless way.

No wonder, nature is the best masterpiece. Look around and take inspiration from the beautiful flowers that always look amazing with emerald green. It may be a great time to try a combination of emerald green with pinks and reds as there are pink flowers and roses around. Pairing your emerald green clutch with emerald shoes looks great with contrasting shades. On the other hand, if you want to stay classic, then sport one emerald green piece with your neutral or even colorful outfits. Just use the technique of color blocking to create some art by wearing this jewel tone.

You can also wear an emerald green as you top like a jacket, a blouse or even a sweater. When wearing an emerald green top to the office, make sure to keep it modest by paying attention to cuts and sparkles. Better opt for chiffon and cotton fabrics rather than silk or satin to avoid looking overdone. For a casual style, simply wear your emerald green blouse with leather shorts and leather boots to give off an edgy style. But if you want to keep it feminine, wear your blazer with floral print shorts in the same shade.

Emerald green skirts look great with white tops. Also, you can play with prints by wearing printed leaves patterned skirt and pair it with a white top like Blair Eadie did. Emerald green in brocade skirts is undoubtedly elegant and classic. As the jewel color is versatile, your brocade skirt will look incredible in any color of your top.

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The greatest way of standing out in the crowd is getting dressed in this magical emerald green shade from head to toe. Since emerald green is a luxurious color, it’s the best pick for feminine dresses in special occasions. You may switch to silk, satin, and even velvet to keep its luxurious feel. Also, a trench coat in emerald green gives a sense of sophistication to your style. On the other hand, you can be creative by opting for separate pieces like emeralds green blazer, bag, skirt and shoes.
Don’t resist your temptation and wear emerald green!


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