Wireless Bluetooth Earphones PaMu X13 Review

Padmate PaMu is the latest set of truly wireless earbuds to hit the market after successfully completing an Indiegogo campaign. Here’s our in-depth review of Padmate PaMu Wireless Earbuds.

Build & Design

PaMu comes inside a circular case with a button that pops open the rotary lid. It’s kind of cool. There’s also 4 LED lights on the opposite end to indicate charging status and the battery life. The case is pretty light weight so it would conveniently fit in a purse, backpack, or even a large pocket. The earpieces are an interesting shape. The buds are fit with a sport fin which does an amazing job of securing each earpiece in your ear. What’s odd is the rest of the body. It is somewhat like a large flat disc that hangs on the bottom part of your ear – like a really big round stud earring. For me, it protrudes a little too far out and hangs too low. However, it is very lightweight and the part that sits in your ear is very comfortable – so it is up to you to decide if it’s too much or not. For the analytical folks, each bud weighs 6.5g and measures 25.9mm x 22.5mm x 27mm.


Padmate PaMu is built with a multitude of features to serve the demands of commuters. Possessing a water resistance rating of IPX5, these buds can withstand jetting water – which the normal human doesn’t really encounter, but a better translation is heavy rain.
PaMu’s flat surface is built with a sensitive touch control button so you don’t have to apply pressure to your ears. This surface can be used to answer calls, skip forward a track, and pause/play your music.

Connectivity & Productivity

Like many other truly wireless earbuds, Padmate PaMu X13 holds about a 4-hour battery life while the case extends the buds’ life span with an additional 3 charges. Also, the buds require about 2 hours to fully rejuice. In terms of connectivity, I think it’s fair to state that many buds of these nature might drop a signal for a millisecond or two once in a blue moon. The real major gripe I had concerning battery life was the units lack of holding the charge. I fully charged the case and buds and used them for 2 hours. I placed the buds back in the case and did not use them for a week or so. I had to leave the office impromptu. However, when returning to the buds, I found that they wouldn’t connect and that’s because the buds and case were dead. So, I popped them on a micro USB cable and juiced them for a few hours.

Sound & Functionality

As I mentioned earlier in the “Features” section, PaMu’s flat surface is actually a multifunction surface to control your tracks. It’s built into both ear pieces so you can control your tracks with whichever hand is free. The surfaces possess the right amount of sensitivity so users can simply tap (or double tap) for each ear piece to register the respective command.

When it comes to sound, Padmate PaMu earbuds are heavier in the low end. The bass is also extended so you can really hear that sub-bass banging – which is nice, but covers some of the mids. This is ideal for bass heads as there are parts of the bass lines in songs I didn’t even know existed. However, I miss the mid section because that’s where a lot of the music lives. Hence, the mids could be more present. Due to the more forward nature of the low-end and deep extension, I feel the sound could be better suited with more power behind the vocals, highs, and high mids. They are heard and still pleasant to listen to, but the music lacked the overall richness and fullness I desire across the entire frequency response range. So, pop sounds good… hip-hop, EDM, and other heavy bass genres truly deliver on the low-end if that’s your thing.

Overall Performance

At a price of $69, I think you can’t get any better when it comes to true wireless earphones. The fit is very secure, though I wish the entire housing wasn’t positioned on the outside and slightly below the ear. It’s not inconspicuous at all. But, that’s my personal preference. Otherwise, the fit is comfortable. The functions are easy to use and the exterior is water resistant so sweating in them is fine. The sound is bass heavy. All-in-all, Padmate PaMu earbuds are ideal for working out thanks to their secure fit, water resistant frame, and knocking bass line to get you through intense workout sessions.

Grab them for $69 on Moldac.com

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