20 Street Styles For Girls Like never Before

The thing about fashions and fashion trends is that it is not just restricted to the echelons of the fashion ramps and fashion houses but all over where clothes are worn with style. In fact many a woman or girl is known to have remarked that fashion that comes from these designer houses and fashion houses though extremely exquisite is not exactly suited to the woman or girl on the street. This is because the couture is designed for girls who have the thinnest bodies that is considered ideal in the modelling world. However, one can find many examples of street styles that are not only great to look at but also immensely bold and beautiful. You just have to look at Paris street style and learn to look stylish with some tips from them.

You can also take a peek at high street fashion observe and learn from them to make the items in your wardrobe work for you. Today, a lot of importance is given to street styles for girls as these are interesting, quirky, more affordable, and definitely more fun. There are some new street style outfits for you to try and enjoy the way you collect admiring stares from people around you.

Here Are Some Street Style Looks That You May Have Not Considered Before

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Baggy and leggy it is: Some days you want the world to see your fabulous legs but feel that your torso (read waistline) is not as trim as it should be. Never mind, just break out that short dress that is baggy without the belt and wear it anyway. Just leave it baggy and leggy so that the world can see what gorgeous pins you have. Why wait for another day when you feel less bulky in the waist? That is the charm of street style looks; there are no rules and restrictions and it is all about wearing your attitude for the world to see.

Palazzo all the way: Palazzo pants are a great comfort to wear and seem to combine the best of both worlds, which is the look of a skirt and the comfort of pants. But sometimes, wearing palazzo pants may feel like you are going too loose and the lovely body that you have is not seen to the best advantage. Street style suggests that if you are really in the mood to be bold about this, then wear a skimpy crop top with you palazzos and let the lovely waist not go to waste.

Suit it boot it: Sometimes you want to wear the jacket and the funky boots together and with street styles it is possible to do just that. There are no rules except to look your best and if this means wearing that chunky and faded denim skirt along with that flattering formal jacket and funky boots, then so be it. Wear it and walk around proudly and comfortably while others look on with envy that they did not think of this combination themselves.

Break the loose: Just because people say that fashion is all about wearing clothes that fit perfectly does not mean that you have to follow this rule every time. You can and should have those days where you throw a loose shirt on top of comfortable jeans and have your comfortable sandals on to go out, even when it is a date. It is okay to dress down or up and this is what makes street fashions so awesome.

Nifty shades the way: They say that some shades of colors do not match like pink with red or blue with black and this could be the norm.  But street styles cuts through all these rules and guidelines to tell you that if you want to combine that navy blue skirt with that black top because it works for you then go ahead and do it.

source: stylishwife.com

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