Minimalist look and Nail Art contouring

Contouring has been appearing on the nails for some time. Make-up artists or beauticians are familiar with this modeling technique, which rebalances volumes, softens and harmonizes the proportions of the face. In Nail Art, contouring has become a key trend. Focus on this minimalist wave that is currently sweeping through fashion.

Contouring is widely known and used in make up. The contouring technique consists of sculpting the shape of the face using a play of light and shadow. Objective: to embellish by harmonizing the volumes. If in make-up, the golden rule is to blend your colors; In Nail Art, it is a question of playing the card of contrast by using two opposite or complementary colors.

The contouring technique is based on the use of a light color, which will enlarge the volumes and a dark color which will reduce them. This play of shadow and light will, for example, make it possible to refine a particularly flat or round nail or even to give the impression of longer nails. The realization of a Nail Art Contouring is often motivated by two reasons:

1) Correct or beautify the shape of nails or hands, for more beautiful nails, more feminine hands.

  • To give an illusion of length, for example, apply a light color to the tip of the nail.
  • To refine a round nail, apply a dark color to the sides.

2) Create a graphic and minimalist style. Elegant and current, Nail Art contouring is easily worn by women of all ages. We also love it for its sleek, somewhat futuristic style.

Minimal Art was born in the 1960s. This artistic movement, called minimalism, was opposed to Pop Art at the time. In fashion or elsewhere, minimalism consists in getting rid of the superfluous to keep only the essential. Discretion, functionality and sobriety are the watchwords.

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