How to match the varnish of the feet and the hands?

To be on top of fashion, it is possible to match the manicure with the pedicure. For this, you only have to choose the same color for the nails of the feet and the hands. It is especially in summer that this association is very common, since it is during this season that the feet can breathe in the open air. You can proudly show off a sublime pedicure, a reflection of a perfect manicure.

Matching the varnishes of the feet and hands does not mean that you have to adopt the same colors, it is wrong! It is simply to ensure that the two colors chosen go perfectly together without clashing. There are 2 ways to choose the colors:

According to the outfit

The choice of varnish color will depend on the outfit to wear, or the look to adopt. Like all fashion accessories, varnish brings a final touch that will enhance the whole outfit. For a colorful outfit or even a trouser suit that you will wear with open pumps, opt for a white varnish, or even light or pastel shades.

If you’re going on vacation, don’t forget to bring your nail polish kit to change colors as many times as your outfits allow. It’s a way to add some color and enjoy your getaway. If you have trouble deciding on a specific color or want to avoid a false note, red remains the go-to color. It is the color par excellence of elegance and feminine beauty, both for your toenails and those of your hands.

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According to your complexion

Indeed, you must take your complexion into account for a suitable manicure and pedicure. If you have a dark complexion or are very tanned, bet on warm colors such as coral, orange or even the timeless red. The same is true for tanned skin. Warm colors like yellow or apricot will bring more radiance to your complexion.

What best highlights people with fair skin are red or dark colors. Dark colors are highly recommended to bring a sublime contrast. Adopt black, purple, brown, burgundy, blue… an infinity of choices so as not to go unnoticed! To associate the color of the hands with the feet, you just have to select a duo of colors that can go together.

I hope these tips will help you match the varnish of the feet and the hands. Remember that the nails also go through a manicure and pedicure set! For more information on our products, visit our Maryton website! Hoping that these steps have inspired you and that they will make you want to try!

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