4 good reasons to take care of your feet

Feet are like the foundations of a house. They support the weight of the body. “If there is an imbalance in the plantar structure, the whole building is affected, with repercussions sometimes far removed from the starting site. Here are 4 good reasons to take care of them.

1. Relieve back pain

The structure of the foot, and more particularly that of the arch of the foot, is very elaborate. An imbalance of the feet will have repercussions on the knees, hips or back. Another case, when one leg is shorter than the other, the foot always touches the ground! But it’s the back that compensates.

The solution: the thinnest possible resin orthopedic insoles, which can be adapted even in open shoes, rebalance the supports. 86% of insoles wearers have less hip pain and 67% less back pain.

2. Prevent diabetes complications

Diabetes causes a loss of sensitivity in the feet and poor vascularization, which will lead to a lack of oxygen in the blood, necessary for the healing of wounds. In conclusion, the patient will not feel the lesion. It will turn into an ulcer and gangrene if nothing is done.

The solutions: observe your feet every day above, below and between the toes using a mirror. Check, before putting on the shoes, that there is not a small pebble, a painful seam or an asperity that could cause a wound.

3. Fight against a sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to a deformation of the foot which will make movement more complicated. But know that if you practice sustained and regular physical activity, take care of your feet as well. Athletes are more prone to developing a heel spur.

The solutions: small silicone devices relieve the toes and prevent the reappearance of corns. The specialist can also suggest a plantar orthosis which will modify the supports and rebalance the posture.

4. Solve dental problems

Take a cabinet that is a bit wobbly, the drawers will open badly, the door will not close properly. Just put a wedge underneath to make it stable again. The human body works much the same way. Everything is connected. An unbalanced pelvis will create tension in the neck and this can have repercussions on the jaw.

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