Things to know about nails

Besides nail polish, classic manicure, broken or damaged nails, most of us seem to not give enough importance to nails, which are much more complex than a relatively hard surface used to decorate fingers or toes. The nails are part of our body, they require attention, care, etc. Here are some things you need to know about nails that you may not know.

Things to know

  • White spots on the nails

According to dermatologists, these white spots on nails are the result of trauma, and any pressure that the nail would have undergone. We must not forget that our fingernails are always exposed to any type of risk and our toenails often suffer from shoes.

  • The nails of the dominant hand tend to grow faster 

The nails of the dominant hand grow faster than those of the other hand. Fingernails grow 3.5 mm per month on average. The observations of the academy also noted that the nails grow faster in summer than in winter and that the season, age, nutrition and various other factors affect the growth and the condition of the nails.

  • Biting your nails is a psychological disorder

It’s not just a mania or a form of stress, onychophagia, a term that refers to nail biting, is classified as an impulse control disorder and reflects high anxiety. There are different ways to control onychophagia, namely, therapies, bitter polish, false nails, hypnosis, etc.

  • Nail growth is a matter of hormones

Noted and confirmed by specialists, men’s nails grow faster than women’s, except during pregnancy. We will also notice that in pregnant women, even hair grows faster, it’s a question of hormones, like almost everything!

  • The nail breathe

Like all cells in our body, the nail is alive, it breathes and it needs air to stay healthy. So space the poses of gel and varnish and take care of your nails by leaving them natural at times.

  • The nails are fragile

We have the impression that a fingernail is hard, we use it to open a box, to scratch, even to rub, because we are deceived by its solid appearance. Nails are much more fragile than they look because of their continuous exposure to various daily aggressions which is why you must remember to protect your hands by wearing appropriate gloves for cleaning.

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