Demonstration of a magnificent pose with acrylic paint on UV gel

With a little imagination and dexterity, acrylic paint makes it possible to create original and easy-to-create Nail art. For a simplified explanation, your nail supply specialist Maryton will demonstrate in a capsule. Keep reading!

Here are the different stages of realization of this magnificent pose with UV gel + acrylic paint:

1. After applying your builder gel, apply the “Make up” gel. Leave to catalyze for 3 minutes then degrease the sticky layer with Cleaner.

2. Take a nail file and file the entire nail to refine the surface, then remove dust with a brush.

3. For the French, paint on one side, then another color on the other. Don’t catalyze yet.

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4. Use a brush to blend the two colors together to create a color gradient. Catalyze 3 minutes.

5. Apply a layer of Clear gel and catalyze for 3 minutes. Sand and refine the total surface of the nail with nail file and buffer.

6. After removing dust residues, apply a thin layer of “Quick Finish” finishing gel. Catalyze.

To soften and moisturize your skin, we recommend finishing this service with a cuticle oil. In addition, I advise you to invest in a complete manicure kit to care for your nails!

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