How to maintain and properly store your nail polishes?

For every woman, a perfect manicure is a must. In order to do this, you need to have a high-quality varnish, but also a professional manicure kit. However, one thing to note: certain effects can affect the quality of the varnish and cause it to degrade over time. We will give you three tips for maintaining your nail polishes and ensuring that they are well preserved.

1- Store your varnishes away from light and heat

Exposing your nail polish to light and heat accelerates the decomposition of the components. The ideal is therefore to store them in a dark place and if possible in a cold place, like in your refrigerator for example! This way you avoid ending up with a pasty varnish, it will remain supple and fluid as on the first day!

2- Clean the neck of the bottle of your varnish thoroughly

When we place our brush on the collar to limit the excess varnish that we are about to apply to our nails, it dries and accumulates. By accumulating, you risk dropping particles of dried varnish inside your nail polish. So remember to carefully clean the edge of your nail polish after each use to keep your nail polish flowing.

3- Shake your nail polish before applying it

Remember to shake your varnish well (around 30 seconds) dynamically to mix the pigments well and prevent the varnish from thickening too much. You can also tap your nail polish on the palm of your hand. If your nail polish is too thick, which makes it difficult to apply your nail polish.

By following these three tips you will keep your nail polishes in excellent condition for even more pretty and dazzling manicures!

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