Movie nails with semi-permanent nail polish

Normally, manicure and handwork are two concepts that work separately and can hardly unite. However, since semi-permanent nail polish has been around, thousands of women can enjoy a flawless manicure every day. In addition, the resistance and practicality in terms of color, shine and instructions for use are improving every day. Today, we will talk about the movie nails with semi-permanent nail polish.

A shiny and perfect manicure or pedicure that lasts longer is possible thanks to nail polish, which allow better adhesion in a short time. Shiny, flawless manu-pedi for longer is possible, with up to two weeks of wear. Especially in the case of the pedicure, for which nail growth is slower, the visit to the aesthetic and beauty center can be delayed for up to a month.

Semi-permanent nail polishes are a type of nail polish that uses a special varnish, together with nail lacquer of the chosen color, creates a perfect union that does not damage or allow the nail to become damaged. break or peel off. One of its peculiarities is the drying with UV/LED lamps, which facilitates and accelerates the process of hardening the formula on the surface. However, this type of nail polish does not look different from other normal polishes.

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Thanks to the oils applied to protect the cuticles of the nail, this will not damage it during the process of removing the semi-permanent manicure. First, pure acetone will be applied to a cotton ball and placed on the nail. On top it is necessary to wrap the tip of the finger in foil and leave for a quarter of an hour. Then, we removed the cotton as well as the cover and with the first will remove a large part of the nail polish. The remains are removed with a stick and the nails are finally ready for all possible occasions.

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