Three tips for trimming your nails with care

The beauty of the hands of every women goes through permeable varnishes or other soluble varnishes… but not only! It’s also about cutting your nails carefully. A trivial gesture, some will say, but which must be done with precaution. In this article, I will give you three tips for trimming your nail with care.

Tip One: choose nail files

A neat manicure using nail file is a must. For this, accessories are available: electric nail files, plastic nail files or sponge nail files. You should know that nail files have the advantage of not damaging the surface of the nail. In addition, it will therefore allow you to file rather than cut.

Tip Two: soften the nails

With each manicure, the nail must be prepared in order to attack it less. It will then be less hard and particularly less fragile. Thus, we suggest that you dip your fingertips for a few minutes only in a bowl of hot water. By the way, you can also add a few drops of lemon juice in the water. Once you have finished bathing your nails, dry them carefully one by one.

Tip Three: do not cut your nails too short

You will have to pay attention to the length. A nail that is too short is the risk of finding yourself facing the problem of the ingrown toenail. Although you need or want to have short fingernails, let them stick out a bit from your fingertips. Conversely, not cutting enough and keeping long nails may not be aesthetically pleasing.

After using our little tips, all you have to do is choose a professional manicure kit from all those we offer on our Maryton nail supply store. Let’s end with happy: because the beauty of every women’s hands deserves the best, it’s in our shop that you’ll find what you’re looking for!

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