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Did you know that long fingernails have been considered a sign of wealth in Asian culture since the Ming Dynasty? Or that a dentist invented fake nails to fix a broken fingernail that got in the way of his work in the 1950s? Maybe not, but you will learn that extensions can lengthen, strengthen and enhance the appearance of your nails.

False nails offer two different techniques: the application of extensions and the sheathing. It’s up to you whether you prefer to lengthen or strengthen your nails with long-lasting color. Extensions are made of lightweight plastic and cut to the shape of your nail. They are glued on your natural nails, and covered with acrylic or gel to fix them and sublimate them. Shaping, which uses no extensions, consists of applying acrylic or gel directly to natural nails, sculpting it by hand or using tools, before polishing it to create a shiny result. This solution is ideal for anyone whose nails need a little something extra.

Acrylic is the oldest artificial nail. Exposed to air, this formula hardens in about 20-30 seconds and continues to dry for another 15 minutes. The gel sheathing is set in just 1 to 2 minutes under a UV lamp. While gel isn’t as durable and often more expensive than acrylic, it’s a tougher, more flexible, and odorless solution. The gel also damages your natural nails much less than extensions.

The hold of false nails depends on your lifestyle. Nails will obviously be damaged much more during a weekend dedicated to manual activities than during a week spent in front of a computer. The fitting and removal of extensions and sheathing should always be done in the salon to avoid damaging the nail plate. If you opt for acrylic you will need to return to the salon after 3-4 weeks for a fill or removal, while the gel lasts about 2 to 3 weeks. Extensions and acrylic sheathing are usually deposited by soaking the nails in an acetone bath for 20-30 minutes and then removing each layer.

The extensions are not always suitable for everyone. During pregnancy, most experts recommend taking a break. You should be careful when drying or styling your hair, since artificial nails are heat sensitive and contain flammable materials. It is always best to ask your prosthetist for advice on the maintenance of your extensions or your sheathing in order to prevent possible problems.

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