How to make a nail contouring with the semi-permanent enamel?

Nail Contouring makes nails appear longer and hands appear thinner and more elegant, as the nail polish is applied only to the central part of the nail. You can create nail contouring with any kind and color of nail polish, from semi-permanent to classic long-lasting nail polish.

How to create a nail contouring with semi-permanent nail polish:

1) Apply the Base and let it dry in the air for 30 seconds; then apply Defense Coat only on the central part of the nail and catalyze in the lamp.

2) Apply the chosen semi-permanent nail polish only in the center.

3) Seal everything with the Polisher and degrease with the Cleanser.

How to do a nail contouring with Extreme Long Lasting Nail Polish:

1) Prepare the nail by degreasing it with Revitalizing and matting it with a buffer.

2) Apply the chosen nail polish and wait for it to air dry

3) Done!

Finally, you will make a nail contouring with the semi-permanent enamel! If you want to know more about nail beauty, please take a look at our Maryton website. I wish you have a good manicure!

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