Nail machines for semi-permanent varnish

Do you love having flawless nails, but are you tired of always having to do daily touch-ups? You can say goodbye to this by relying on semi-permanent varnishes. This kind of varnish spares you the management of unsightly scales on your nails after only 3 days of application. However, if you choose this kind of varnish, you must have a special lamp.

The UV lamp for permanent varnish: what is it?

The semi-permanent varnish is composed of polymers, thinners, film-forming agents and pigments, in short, it is an acrylic gel varnish! What should be especially noted about it is that polymers are synthetic molecules that act in the presence of UV or LED light and it is for this reason that a UV or LED lamp is necessary when applying this kind of varnish.

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How to use a nail machine foe semi-permanent varnish?

When you want to apply semi-permanent varnish, you have to start with the preparation of the nails. Then, starting with a base coat in order to protect your nails. It will be necessary to continue with two coats of semi-permanent varnish, to finish with the finishing gel. Between each layer, you must pass your nails under the radiation of a UV or LED lamp for 30 seconds to 2 minutes each time.

What style can I create with semi-permanent varnishes?

Contrary to popular belief, even if you have square, round, ballerina, stiletto, almond or lipstick nails, you can completely afford to varnish them with semi-permanent varnishes. Moreover, it is very easy to remove the semi-permanent varnish.

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