Padmate Pamu Slide True Wireless Headphones Review

Wireless headphones Pamu Slide is the most successful TWS headphones from Crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Whether it’s battery that lasts for up to 60 hours and can transform itself into a QI Charger, the TWS chip is a new product from Qualcomm. And the tone that is unique and reasonable. Able to listen to music of various genres, warm tones and a wide sound stage, including wearing quite comfortably and firmly to the ear, which is placed for normal use. And a built-in wireless power bank make your life smooth, even if you forget to bring the backup battery out of the house.

An overview of this Padmate Pamu Slide is a headphone that sounds out in warm, clear tones, can listen to a variety of music. And has a wide sound stage, the hours of operation are considered to be longer than other headphones and also have a small gimmick like QI Charger to play.

Beautiful and durable design

This PadMate Pamu Slide has a design similar to the Airpod. And the earbuds are IPX6 waterproof, perfect for exercising, while the ear cork is an ellipse, which is becoming popular at the moment because it is more comfortable and tighter than the normal shape. The headphones are lightweight, only 7 grams per side from plastic material. Behind the headphones there is a bass drive posture that helps the bass to be flexible. Just do not fall out for a long time, can wade through the rain comfortably.

High capacity portable case, cover 60 hours usage

The battery of the PadMate Pamu Slide can be used continuously for 10 hours and also supports repeated charging up to 5 times, including a total of 60 hours of use with a weight of about 120 grams of electrical capacity. Up to 2000 mAh charging box also has a function that is considered to be very cool, it can work as a Qi Charger itself. Just press the button on the case twice, turn it down and place the phone on it. The Pamu Slide is ready to transform into a small power bank for you instantly. As for the battery, approximately 2000 mAh can full charge about 1 iPhone 6. The earphone supports Quick Charge, can listen for 1 hour after just 5 minutes of charging, and it only takes 2 hours for the battery to be fully charged.

Connection with the latest TWS chip from Qualcomm.

As for the connection, the Pamu Slide connects via Bluetooth 5.0 and uses the latest Qualcomm chip QCC3020, which the information says that this chip can make it able to send better audio signals. More stable in transmitting signals than ever before and using less power, which is the secret why this true wireless headphones can work continuously for up to 10 hours on a single charge!

Super cool control via Touch Control

For the Pamu Slide, it has a touch controls on the headphones like others, but the control area may not be obvious. Because it’s hidden in the back of the headphones, at the bottom of the wind pipe. In which its body is controlled through touch, eliminating the need to press buttons to cause ear pain.


The sound of the Pamu Slide is considered excellent as advertised. For its sound range, it is considered to be done according to the standard of 20 – 20,000 Hz and uses 6 mm Dynamics Driver. The distinctive feature is the sound that is quite clear. Most tones go out warm, easy to listen to, behind the headphones have bass pipes. Therefore making its low range quite enjoyable to listen to.

• High pitch: It’s quite easy to listen to and clear. The earphones are soft to the touch, creating a high, round sound. Not sparkling The tone of the voice is not very long. Focused on easy listening, comfortable listening Compatible with music uncomplicated
• Audio medium: with great detail. The sound is quite soft and very clear. The singer’s voice is in a plane close to the instrument. But still clear The sound of the music piece is not drowned.
• Low tone: The base has a strong impact and is sensitive to stretch. The bass sound is clear, not fuzzy, fun to listen to. The bass drive tube is considered to work well, helping to make the bass clear and clear. The power of the headphones in the 4,000 range too much.
• Sound stage: The sound stage of the Pamu Slide is quite the deepest depth of sound. Is very clear when trying to listen to orchestra music, the sounds of different musical instruments do not overlap And its images fill the width of the sound stage well But in the depth there may be times when some musical instruments hide a little But in the range of 4-5 headphones, it is considered that the headphones can distinguish the best instrument.


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