How to Convince Father to Get a Hearing Aid?

You may have a dad who speaks loudly … He makes you repeat a lot? The television is deafening…You know he hears less well, but how do you convince him to get a hearing aid?

You may have touched your father on this. And he doesn’t want to hear anything. Yes, it was an easy word game. This is often because a decrease in hearing is linked to old age. It is never easy to recognize that our hearing is not working as well.

Our eyesight is the number one victim of aging, closely followed by our hearing. If wearing glasses has become commonplace, wearing a hearing aid is still not well enough accepted, especially by seniors. However, deafness also affects young people, who are less reluctant to wear hearing aids. So why refusal?

It should not be forgotten that new seniors are active and in great shape, unlike past generations. For them, a hearing devices like a hearing aid amplifiers is a constant reminder of their “advanced” age.

There is the aesthetic factor, the cost, the choice, the constraint of the batteries … All these factors mean that your father will postpone his purchase of a hearing aid.

Understanding well is essential for aging serenely and having a fulfilling social life.

Presbycusis, age-related hearing loss is a natural phenomenon linked to old age. It is characterized by symptoms such as a tendency to speak too loud and difficulty following conversations.

When you hear badly, you tend to isolate yourself. Each 10 decibels of hearing loss increases the isolation of the elderly by 40% (scientific study). This leads to other health problems.

Without being alarmist, cutting yourself off from the world is not a good solution when you hear badly. What to do ? You have to help your father get out of his bubble and use the advanced technology available to us.

Since 2014, listening assistants or listening amplifiers can be obtained without a prescription, from your pharmacist or in a medical comfort store, and even on the internet. Nothing’s easier !

However, please note that these hearing aids or sound amplifiers for mild hearing impairment. You have to choose a serious listening assistant. The Yorksound Luna hearing amplifier has been tested and validated by the CHU of Nice with an elderly population.

Both listening amplifiers and hearing aids now offer more than just volume. The more advanced will process the sound to just increase the frequencies which decrease with age.

If it is advisable to check the source of his hearing loss with doctor, there will be no need for visits to adjust a listening amplifier. These devices are pre-set for the most common hearing losses.

These devices cost five times less, less than 300 euros. This expense is not covered by social security. In addition, they do not require adjustment. Of course, these amplifiers designed for mild hearing impairments, only amplify high-pitched sounds. Easy to access, these devices are ideal for taking the first step, smoothly, towards a hearing aid.

Obviously, it takes time to adapt, but this acquisition will later bring significant listening comfort to enjoy discussions with friends. Making the decision to set sail is a first step to living better, and listening!
We live in a connected world, in which technology takes over, and human relationships are becoming more and more virtual. However, high-tech offers advantages that should not be overlooked, such as these earpieces which allow you to stay in touch with those around you, the family. So, as much to use them rather than to lock oneself in a bubble which will accelerate aging!

Hoping that these few tips will allow you to accompany your father to get a hearing aid. The one that will bring him quality of life and allow him to stay active and in touch with his friends and family. These are advantages that should not be overlooked.


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