PaMu Slide Mini True Wireless Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

With the rapid development of true wireless headphones in recent years, more and more brands have launched their “true wireless” products.

Today, we will introduce PaMu Slide Mini true wireless noise cancelling headphones. PaMu Slide has 2 versions, one is PaMu Slide Plus, and the other is PaMu Slide Mini. The difference is only in the charging case, and the headphones are the same. For portability, I chose the Mini version.

PaMu Slide Mini True Wireless Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones


The packaging is very simple, with black characters on white background, full of sense of technology. Above is the model of the product-PaMu Slide Mini.

At the bottom are the Qualcomm logo and the aptX logo. The well-known “Qualcomm” is very powerful in the mobile phone chip industry. This headset uses Qualcomm’s QCC3020 chip processor and brings together many of Qualcomm’s innovative technologies. The PaMu Slide Mini consumes 50% less power and has 8 times the computing power compared to the previous generation. And aptX decoding technology provides high-quality audio transmission, reducing transmission delay.

Here I want to focus on the most interesting design in the accessories, that is, there are 3 sizes of earmuffs, each size corresponds to 2 depths, so that comfort and sound insulation are available. It will also have some impact.

On the power interface, we use Type C that everyone likes. What’s more, it also has wireless charging! !! !! This big killer is very convenient. Just this feature can kill many products in a second. Think about putting the box on the wireless charger, you can immediately charge it, very convenient, full of sense of technology, there are wood! ?

Use experience

Connection stability: The first time you need to connect with your phone, the convenience of the connection is very good. In less than 20 seconds, I completed pairing with my Xiaomi phone.

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 and the carefully adjusted LDS antenna technology, it can effectively stabilize the signal and shield it from interference. The actual measurement is that in the morning rush subway and crowded shopping malls, there is no disconnection, and the stability of audio playback is still very good.

Wearing comfort: The comfort level of wearing the headphones alone can be a selling point. PaMu Slide Mini is too comfortable to wear. It achieves the highest pursuit of “no sense” when wearing headphones, that is, there is no foreign body feeling. Compared with similar products, the pressure on the ear is very small, and its contour simulates the ear canal, and it is no problem to wear it for a long time. In addition, the headset body has an IPX6 waterproof and sweat-proof design. The sweat generated by ordinary sports will not affect the use.

Sound quality: Pamu slide mini earphones is also remarkable in terms of sound quality. It has achieved a high degree of completion in both music playback and calling.

Let’s talk about music playback first. This song by G.E.M is full of movement. Slide Mini expresses the female voice vividly, the voice is sweet, the performance of each frequency band is very balanced, the treble is bright, and the bass is just right.

Call: It is worth mentioning that the headset is also very powerful on the call. Compared with ordinary Bluetooth headsets, the call quality is much better, mainly due to the dual microphone noise reduction technology and software algorithm support. 30 dB noise suppression, try to make a call on a noisy road or in the subway. When the headset detects a call or receives a call, it will automatically turn on the noise reduction mode. The dual microphone noise reduction is turned on to provide clear calls for the call. Call environment. I asked my friend on the other end of the phone and said that the voice is clear. Unlike calling on the road, he can still hear the speech clearly in a noisy environment.

Endurance: The headset’s endurance is also very powerful. Due to the ultra-low power design, the power consumption of music playback is only 6mA, and the standby time is only 1mA, which provides a single endurance of up to 10 hours, combined with the charging box’s 2 times Recharge power can provide up to 30 hours of playback capability. If you use it when traveling, you no longer have to worry about the battery life of the Bluetooth headset.

Overall, this pamu slide mini bluetooth 5.0 headphones has been used for 2 weeks, and it is very satisfactory to use. It has become a must-have item when commuting.

Small in size, comfortable to wear, strong endurance, stable connection, low aptX latency. The sound quality is also excellent. Recommend.


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