PaMu Slide: The Best True Wireless Earbuds Ever

Tonight, I’m excited to share with you the answer of the question that a lot of people have asked me before and that is what are the best pair of true wireless headphones sale you can pick up for under $100. And for me that answer is definitely without a doubt right now. the Pamu slide that you can pick up for actually well under $100 and honestly I’d actually put these up against most of the $200 true wireless earbuds I’ve ever reviewed. Because these things are absolutely fantastic, so let’s talk about what makes them fantastic.

First of all, the price they’re available right now, technically they’re not quite available yet, they are an IndieGoGo campaign as you can see right there. They’ve got well over the needed backing that they need in order to ship these out obviously, They’re already shipping out to reviewers but they’re available on the IndieGoGo campaign for 12 more days by the time. I have these are the pamu slide plus for $70, the pamu slide is $50 and the only difference between them is the wireless charging case, that’s the only difference for 20 extra dollars. Unlike the Apple earpods, this wireless charges case that is in contrast to the pamu slide plus which I have, this actually will charge up your phone wirelessly, that’s definitely different than what you get with the Apple earpods. The pamu slide have a two thousand milliamp power battery, that is definitely enough to give your phone at least a nice little boost of charging.

They called the pamu slide well it’s because of that sliding mechanism to open and shut the case which I really like. One thing I will maybe just say, as a small complaint about the earbuds is this case is definitely not the smallest case in the world unlike the Apple earpods super pocketable and I can take them around with me anywhere. But these I’m not sure I want to keep in my pocket, because the case is relatively thick, obviously that’s because they want to be able to charge up your earbuds a bunch of times with this case, which obviously with 2000 million power batteries and also because it’s going to wirelessly charge your phone, so it would be useless to have a super small case.

Pamu Slide: Modern and Innovative TWS Headphones

Now I’m gonna go ahead and show you what the earbuds look like in the case. We just go ahead and slide it shut and you can see it does give me a little LED indicator, letting me know how much battery life is left on the case itself. So three out of four of the lights are lit up that means I’m at 75%. You can see that does shut off after a second and you can see that it does let you know that the earbuds are charging with that little red light now. They claim that with just five minutes of charging you’re going to get one full hour of battery life, so five minutes equals one hour of battery life on the earbuds which is really good, but honestly you’re not going to need to charge the earbuds all that often in a spy. Not need to charge the case hardly ever because obviously it’s a 2000 million power batteries case, it’s going to charge these earbuds up a bunch of times, because the earbuds themselves definitely don’t have that big of a battery.

Over here we have our type-c cable, use to charge up the case, so that’s awesome as well and then we have a couple of extra ear tips here, small, medium and large. I’m using the largest ones and then we also have a user manual. The earbuds were sitting and then they have some information about making sure that you charge it up fully before you actually use them.

PaMu Slide: The Best True Wireless Earbuds Ever

Now let’s talk about three things that make a great pair of true wireless earphones. The number one is the connectivity obviously. If a pair of true earbuds don’t stay connected very well that makes them worthless. But I’m happy to say that, that is not a situation here, the pamu slide stay connected very well not only to your phone but also to each other. First of all they are using bluetooth 5.0, so as soon as you pull them out of the case, they will wirelessly connect up to the phone that they were most recently connected to or whatever you’re using them with. I would say that all the wireless earbuds I’ve used in the past, these definitely are among the best.

Second thing, that’s gonna be really important is obviously the sound quality. The Pamu slide have fantastic sound quality I would say that, all the TWS earbuds I’ve ever reviewed, these are definitely among the top three, maybe even the top one. Only thing that I would say maybe as just a slight negative when it comes to sound quality with these, there’s no way to adjust the sound signature where with some more expensive ones like the Jabra lead Act of 65 T’s. There’s actually an app that you connect them up to and they will actually let you can adjust the sound signature to. However I will say that the default sound signature here with the pamu slide is really good, the lows are very crisp, and we have good highs. If you’re someone who likes good base but not base that muddies out the sound quality, these are fantastic.

Three is battery life, and that’s where I would say these things are easy five out of five rating, these are the best true wireless earbuds when it comes to the battery life, because these have ten hours of battery life on a single charge which is insane typically. You know for instance Apple earpods, five hours on a single charge, some other two wireless earbuds, I’m able to get maybe six hours, but never even close to ten hours ten hours on a single charge.


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