PaMu Slide Mini Review: TWS Earbuds from Padmate

Padmate PaMu Slide Mini – an updated version of the Padmate PaMu Slide headphones, which have earned a lot of praise for the sound quality and negative because of the large case. The new version is designed to eliminate all the shortcomings and occupy a pedestal in its class of TWS headphones.
PaMu Slide Mini come in a relatively small case for charging, and they themselves are quite small. There is a brand logo on the case.

On the outside of the case there are 4 LEDs that indicate the battery level in the case. Each LED corresponds to 25 percent of the charge.

On the opposite side of the case is a USB-C charging port. The case also supports QI wireless charging.

The diagrams below show the operating features of the touch surface on each earpiece.

As with all new headphones, the first thing I did was fully charge them through the USB-C port on the case. Since the case supports wireless charging, this is also an option. When you open the case and remove the headphones, they automatically go into pairing mode. Pairing was simple and quick, and they were ready to play music and, of course, make phone calls. The headphones sit well and are very comfortable to wear.

As usual, I listened to several genres, including Modern Jazz, Easy Listening, Classics, the Gospel, etc., and I liked the sound in all genres. It is very important to choose the right size of ear pads when using these headphones. After that, the sound will be good enough and balanced for low, mid and high frequencies. It seems that these PaMu headphones have a volume limiter that not only protects the eardrum, but also ensures that there is no real tangible distortion in any frequency range.

Since the main problem with most headphones has always been call quality, I thoroughly tested them for phone call features and was pleasantly surprised how well they work for both parties on a call.

The Padmate PaMu Slide Mini Earbuds are great for everyday use and have a nice sound. They are well thought out and inexpensive, and they hold well in my ears even with strong movements. They seem to have a volume control that makes them enjoyable to listen to even at the highest volume level of my iPhone. They are easily paired and very comfortable to wear for long listening sessions. A case for wireless charging is a really good feature. In my opinion, they are worth it to buy, and I give them two thumbs up!


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