What Does Musician and Writer Say About PaMu Slide

Padmate were kind enough to send Luke Leighfield(Musician and Writer who is from UK) their latest headphone the Pamu slide which comes in this box with a little sliding mechanism.

Pamu Slide: Modern and Innovative TWS Headphones

This sliding mechanism it’s good to actually use, and the headphones are true wireless headphones, they can stick in your ear and you’re good to go, no wise at all, can’t see any wires here, which is great because you don’t want to be worrying about wires when working at the office or walking the dog or running, it makes life a lot simpler.

When you running, covered in sweat and get disgusting, but these things are waterproof and sweat proof, so they still sound great, totally fine and not gonna break. Happy days with all you favourite songs, it will still be playing. When you’re done, you just pop them back in the little box which charges them and keeps them safe in your bag until the next time you want to listen to some sick beats.

humming slides currently on sale at Moldac, so if you fancy your own pair head on over to moldac.com, and search up and pick a pair up today.

source: https://www.trendyfan.com/what-does-musician-and-writer-say-about-pamu-slide/post_266.html

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