Red nails: what shade according to my complexion?

Red is a timeless color that any woman can wear on her nails regardless of the seasons. Sexy and sophisticated, red is flawless. From bright red, to raspberry red, garnet red, or even burgundy red… It all comes down to choosing the shade that best suits your skin tone.

Manicure: what shade of red to choose according to your complexion?

As for make-up, it’s preferable to choose your varnish according to the complexion of your skin. For fair skin, it is better to opt for a red that is not too flashy. Instead, opt for a pretty coral, terracotta or nasturtium red. For intermediate skin, poppy red is a great option. To create a superb contrast with your more or less dark skin tone, you can opt for very bright shades that will enhance your hands.

How to properly apply your red nail polish?

It’s quite an art! But before applying the color, it is essential to apply a base. The base protects the nail from the pigments of the varnish, which tend to make it yellow. Now we don’t hesitate to apply two coats for an optimal result. Wait until the first layer is dry before putting on the second. Once the work is finished, we can’t skip the top coat, which will sublimate the color of your nail polish and optimize its hold!

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