Pretty feet in just 4 steps

Sunny days are coming, and your sandals are catching your eye. It’s time to give your feet a complete care, to be able to put them on without complex… Take out your pedicure supplies and follow us, we will tell you how to have pretty feet in just 4 steps.

Treat your feet to new skin

New generation mask socks distill active ingredients which eliminate calluses and soothe the epidermis. Just put them on and keep them for 1 hour. Three days later you start peeling. A few more days, your feet are smoother and softer than ever.

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Give your nails a nice shape

Equip yourself with a wide-lever nail clipper to cut them, and a nail file to give them their final shape.

The correct varnish application technique

  1. Protect the nail with a base that will form an anti-pigment shield. This step is imperative: on the feet, the varnish lasts longer and therefore risks staining the nail.
  2. Lacquer in two coats, a first to delimit the area to be varnished, and a second to infuse the right color density.
  3. Fix with a shiny top coat in a thin layer to shape and gloss the varnish.
  4. Accelerate the fixing with drying drops to prevent dust from sticking to the nail.
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Moisturize to preserve their softness

Apply at your convenience a light cream when you wake up, or a rich one at bedtime, the important thing is to moisturize them daily. Don’t zap the cuticles. The softer they are, the easier they will be to push back to show off pretty feet.

Is it less complicated? Believe in yourself! Pedicure products are sale at Maryton website, go through it if you need it.

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